Adaptive Tactics [AT] Benefits

Last Updated: Wed Aug 11, 2021

In addition to good working conditions and competitive pay, it is AI's policy to provide a combination of supplemental benefits to all eligible team members. In keeping with this goal, each benefit program has been carefully devised. These benefits include time-off benefits, such as vacations and holidays, and insurance and other plan benefits. We are constantly studying and evaluating our benefits programs and policies to better meet present and future requirements. These policies have been developed over the years and continue to be refined to keep up with changing times and needs.


In addition to good working conditions and competitive pay, Adaptive Tactics [AT] provides a combination of supplemental benefits to all eligible team members. We are constantly studying and evaluating our benefits programs and policies to better meet present and future requirements.

  • Medical Insurance (Health, Dental, and Vision)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) -- pre-tax debit Visa for co-pays
  • 401k with Employer Contributions
  • Paid Time Off (3 Weeks)
  • 11 Paid Holidays of Your Choice
  • Life & Accidental Death & Disemberment Insurance (AD&D)
  • Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Work Schedule
4-Day Core Work Week
Team members are encouraged to enjoy their life so they can enjoy their work. AI's core scheduls is Monday through Thursday for 9 hours per day and the company encourages a healthy work life balance.

We encourage team members to enjoy their time off so they can return to work fully energized and refreshed. AI offers 11 paid holidays (99 hours) of your choice. Each year, the office will be closed on:

  • New Years Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Thanksgiving Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Eve
Paid Time Off (PTO)
In addition to holidays, Adaptive Tactics [AT] offers three weeks of paid time off (108 hours = 36 hours/week * 3 weeks = 9 hours/day * 12 days) for either personal vacation or sick leave. Unused vacation time can roll into the following year.
Medical Insurance Plans
AI offers three Medical Insurance Plans through Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • PPO Gold 1500 -- Preferred provider plan, which is major madical without a primary care physician gatekeeper
  • HSA Gold 1500 -- Health Savings Account (HSA) with HSA Bank Visa for co-pays or other eligible expenses (most employees choose this as best)
  • HSA Bronze 5000
Regence Account Setup

Regence ID cards will be mailed to you after you make your insurance plan selection.

Manage your own account at by registering with your Member ID. Medical, Pharmacy and Vision Benefits are accessed thru the Regence Member Dashboard/Benefits and Coverage.

  1. Click on Register Now and follow instructions.
  2. Provide last name, date of birth, last 4 digits of Member ID and last 4 digits of AI Group Number.
  3. Create a username, enter your preferred email address and accept Terms of Use.
  4. Download the Regence App for easy access to your account and medical cards from your phone or tablet.

If you need to purchase a prescription before you receive your member ID card, purchase it from a Regence participating pharmacy. You may search for a pharmacy near you by going to

  1. Sign into your Regence account (not required for general search).
  2. Under Member Dashboard, click on Pharmacy Benefits.
  3. Search for pharmacies or meds in your area and network.
  4. Pharmacy reimbursement forms are available from employer or at

Once you receive your member ID card in the mail, you may be assured that your eligibility has been updated. You, or your providers, may then call customer service at (888) 367-2116, or the number on the back of the card to verify benefits and eligibility.

Regence Empower Program

In the first four months of every calendar year, an employee can complete a biometric screening and general health assessment screening for an incentive.

  • Regence Empower Program
  • Access thru Regence Empower icon on employee's Member Dashboard (Regence)
  • Required General Health Assessment (GHA) and Biometric Screening
  • Earn a $100 gift card by completing both requirements within first 4 months
Insurance Plan Details

When you select an HSA eligible Medical/Dental insurance plan, AI will set up an HSA account for you with HSA Bank. This account is accessible online where you can view company contributions and also make your own. Money may be deposited into a tax advantaged account with HSA Bank and may be withdrawn to pay eligible medical expenses without tax penalties. Any AI contributions will be automatically deposited to your HSA account each pay period.

  • Maximum HSA contribution amounts as determined by the IRS for 2020 are:
    • $3,550/individual, the annual catch-up amount for individuals age 55 or older includes an additional $1,000
    • $7,100/families
  • For help with your account or to report a lost or stolen debit card, you may call HSA Client Services at 800-357-6246.

  • All Medical plans include Regence Dental Expressions
    • $25 deductible, $75 max per family
    • $2,000 Individual Max Benefit per year
  • Employees with children can decide to add the extra dental plan or go with the required ACA dental benefits that are already included with their child/dependent's medical plan coverage.

  • All Medical plans include VSP Vision Care and details can be found in the employee's account dashboard on the Regence website
  • Vision Service Number: 1-844-299-3041
    • Mon - Fri:   5am - 8pm
    • Sat:    7am - 8pm
    • Sun:    7am - 7pm

  • Provided by Adaptive Tactics [AT]
  • Life Map Assurance Company, $50,000

  • Provided by Adaptive Tactics [AT]
  • Life Map Assurance Company
  • Replaces lost income due to illness or accident, 60% of pre-disability earnings to a maximum of $1,000/week
  • Begins paying after 15 days of disability and will continue for 26 weeks while disabled
401k Retirement Plan

Our company offers the AI Corporation 401(k) Plan, which is a qualified retirement plan by the IRS. This plan permits eligible employees to reduce their compensation and contribute that reduction to the plan on a pre-tax and after-tax basis. AI offers two types of 401k investment accounts through TD Ameritrade: a pre-tax 401k account or an after-tax ROTH account. These accounts are self-directed with full purchase flexibility, as they are full brokerage accounts (i.e., we do not dictate your investment choices).

Please see the AI Corporation 401(K) Plan Summary Plan Description for the details of the plan.

AI offers a 100% match on first 3% of base salary. On portions 3% to 5% AI will make a 50% match as shown in details.

  • If contribute 5% a year, get a 4% match
  • If contribute 4% a year, get a 3.5% match
  • If contribute 3% a year, get a 3.0% match
  • Employee contributions s are always 100% vested, with types:
    • Salary deferrals
    • Safe harbor contributions
  • 401k Match Vesting summarized by [X, Y) which means X <= years service < Y:
    • [0, 2) years' service: 0%
    • [2, 3) years' service: 20%
    • [3, 4) years' service: 40%
    • [4, 5) years' service: 60%
    • [5, 6) years' service: 80%
    • >= 6 years' service: 100%
Profit Sharing
Our company also offers a discretionary profit-sharing contribution to employee accounts.