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Machine Intelligence (MI) Links

Leading Edge Adaptive Intelligence

These are the teams that are adding new (~2018 to 2033) adaptive models and algorithms to the practice of machine intelligence (MI) that bring adaptation by model introspection and composable algorithms to the table. Algorithms add instance (cognitive) learning to the statistical learning toolbox and do not assume temporal invariance or statistical character over time. There are 12 key capabilities in each of the 3rd & 4th Waves of Machine Intelligence (3MI & 4MI) over what is found in 2MI.

Legacy Static Intelligence

These groups are refining existing (~1988 to 2022) static models and algorithms for incremental gains in performance or extending their application to new domains. Algorithms tend to be statistical learning only with an often implicit temporal invariance assumption. There are 12 capabilities that define the 2nd Wave of Machine Intelligence (2MI).

Learning Machine Intelligence (MI)

The following sites are good resources to learn the how to model real world processes and apply MI algorims to estimate attributes of those models in practice.