AI Services

Adaptive Tactics [AT] Services

We build tailored solutions that succeed in multi-source intelligence applications, which we have proven in a number of efforts.  Our new third & fourth wave of machine intelligence (3MI & 4MI) approach succeeds where others fail because we develop more flexible, composable, & adaptive models. Our differentiators include:

  • Generate Mission Relevant Summary of HUGE data to reveal hidden & actionable knowledge using three orders less data storage -- the key to efficient & distributed adaptive intelligence [AI]
  • Designed for Human & Machine partnership, shared learning over time, & inference optimization
  • Robust Signal Processing & Data Fusion team composed of data scientists, software engineers, and data engineers trained to think adaptively

Adaptive Tactics Applications

The following applications illustrate the types of problems that we can or have addressed, but there are many others that our methods can support.

AI for Predictive Maintenance (AI-PM)
Predict complex system component remaining life based on actual usage patterns instead of arbitrary calendar time that does not factor actual context.
AI for Supply Chain Intelligence (AI-SCI)
Summarize & characterize distributed supply chain data to predict part supply levels, maintenance trends, and identify adverse trends.
AI for Defense Intelligence (AI-DI)
Multi-source data fusion for physical & cyber domain intelligence, surveillance, & reconnaissance (ISR) applications.
AI for Operational Analytics (AI-OA)
Apply resilience engineering methods to understand & optimize human work systems to increase quality & retention and to decrease risk.